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Build a Customer-Centric Marketing Automation Strategy

“Marketing Strategy – The if-then logic of the marketing automation process can lead to a snarl of over-communication, with only a loose relevance to the recipient’s true interests and needs. It doesn’t have …” 

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mcgrawmarketing‘s insight:

First, marketing automation isn’t really a strategy.  It’s technology that can help you implement strategies and tactics more effectively.

But looking past that, the article does present a rather simplistic process that’s important to understand.

Gathering the type of information that is discussed will take some time because, for example, you won’t have them on your email list.  (And you don’t need a marketing automation strategy – you need a strategy for acquiring new customers by [ex] establishing your firm as helpful experts with unique expertise.  Marketing automation can help you execute the strategy…)

So, you might start off with direct mail because you would be able to select some of the data when renting a direct mail list – for example, marketing job title at software firms with revenues between $25 to $100 million located in the continental U.S.

And that white paper would be part of the sales teams offer for prospects – meaning a nice first offer to someone the sales team encounters that meets the criteria for your audience (marketing, software firms, $25-100M revneue etc.)

And you could go out with the white paper offer as a way to introduce yourself and begin to establish your firm as a subject matter expert.  But those early offers of content will be more general/educational – so it’s not going to have a ‘buy now’ offer attached.  It might have “those who like this content, liked this content” invitation to a webinar or event or a check list on how to pick the right solution provider etc.

Anyway…the key point here is linking the persona with the stage in the buying cycle and where they go to get the information (communication channels) they need at each stage of the buying process.  And that means you need an integrated multi-channel approach – and a process to capture offline with online communications.

Do you have the processes in place to capture codes for offline and online campaigns?  Does your marketing automation system let you capture all campaigns or is it set up primarily/exclusively for online?  Do you have the campaigns in place that take qualified buyers from those early stages through purchase?  Or are your campaigns a ‘one size (better) fit all’ where all leads get the same campaign?

Where do you think you could improve your demand generation and nurturing efforts so you get higher conversion rates with the same resources (financial, human and technological)?

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