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Can a Pasta Brand Rock Social Media

Dreamfields Foods uses a fan club email technique to energize the diabetes sufferers who depend on their pasta.

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mcgrawmarketing‘s insight:

Here’s what you need to learn from this post –

How does a small company get high-quality content on a low-figure budget? “The answer,” says Heimbrock,”is you go to the fans and social media, where there is content available on a daily basis.”

And they have 400,000 opt-ins that receive 1 email a month.

It’s about quality, folks.  Not quantity.  And the quality doesn’t have to be something you need to write, film or produce.  There’s sooooo much out there, your audience can’t possibly find it all so find it for them, deliver it to them and save them time while giving them exactly what they want.

What about you?  Ready to leverage existing content rather than busting your budget and your hump trying to create new, relevent, interesting content – especially when you’re not in the publishing/creative business?!!

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