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Customer Experience: A Key to Success in 2014

Customer experience – you can have the best products or services in the world, but if the customer experience is less than exceptional, your customers are going to look elsewhere.

But after another Black Friday where shoppers were fighting to get products from the shelves and using tasers on each other, maybe it’s time we took a large step backwards and think about today’s experience drives sales today and tomorrow.

Whenever I work with companies, I like to talk with some of their customers – new, long time, and former.  Part of my discussion with them centers around what they like about doing business with the company, what they don’t like, and what they would like to see the business do that they currently don’t.  Those conversations uncover a treasure trove of simple things that can have an immediate impact on attracting and retaining profitable customers…and the majority of these ideas require a little more focus on consistently delivering what the business leadership team wants to happen.

In other words, there’s a gap between what we want to  do and what we are actually doing.

So what can you do to consistently deliver a ‘Wow’ customer experience?

  • Ask your customer’s what they really like about your business.  Then make sure everyone in your company understands how they make that happen.
  • Ask your customers’ what they really don’t like about your business.  Then make sure everyone in your company understands that’s not the way things should done – and make it clear what they should be doing.
  • Ask your customers what they would really love you to do.  Then make it happen.
  • This takes clear communication, training, oversight and review – it requires attention to details.  And that means focusing on what is important – the customer.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  But it requires focus.  Discipline.  The ability to look at the bigger picture – one that’s focused on life time value, positive word-of-mouth and turning customers into advocates.  So when you find yourself being pulled, take a moment and ask yourself “What’s in the best interest of the customer?”



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