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The Difference between ‘marketer’, ‘digital marketer’ and me

The stereotype is that when you talk to someone in “marketing”, they are going to talk about advertising.  Or building a brand.

When you talk to someone in “digital marketing”, they are going to talk about “leads” and “…the ability to track performance…”

When you talk to me, I’m going to talk to you about your audience.  Their needs, wants, expectations and perceptions.

I am going to talk to you about your competition.  Their strengths, weaknesses.  Their products and pricing.  Their distribution and promotion.

I am going to talk to you about the market.  What’s going on in the local, state and federal government that might impact your business.  What’s going on in society that might impact your business.  What’s going on with the economy that might impact your business.  And what’s going on with technology that might impact your business.

And I am going to talk to you about your business.  Your strengths, weaknesses.  Your perceived opportunities and threats.

From all that, we’re going to talk about what makes your business uniquely valuable to your target audience.  And what realistic growth goals are based on the size of your audience, and what that audience has spent on products and services that solve those needs and wants you aim to serve.

We’ll set goals and objectives that are measurable…and based on what we know, realistic.

We’ll develop strategies that might include [ex] develop new products and services for these needs/wants, or improve current products and services so that they address these needs and wants.  Or let’s test this pricing strategy in order to capture market share from the competition or to reward volume purchases over the long-term etc.  Or maybe even exploring new distribution channels that help your business reach a larger number of your target audience.

Then we can talk about promotions…advertising…digital.  Because we know who we want to reach and where they go for information about solution providers and how they decide which solution provider to buy from and how we can best attract, convert and retain them so they turn into long-term profitable customers and advocates.

But if you prefer talking about PPC and landing pages without any clear understanding of your audience…or if you are offering the right solutions at the right price through the right channels…feel free to keep talking to ‘marketers’ and ‘digital marketers’.  Just remember my name when the results don’t live up to your expectations…because it’s more about getting the right solutions to the right audience at the right price and the right time via the right channels than it is about spending more on Twitter or PPC or Facebook or content or …


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