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Empire Avenue: What’s All The Shine About?

Empire Avenue is the Social Media Exchange, where you can invest in any social media profile by buying their shares, meet new people, unlock Achievement badges, and earn boatloads of virtual cash by being active and social online! Buy shares in your friends, your followers, people with similar interests, brands you love, celebrities – anyone! All using a virtual currency and all for free!  (Source:

I love social media for a variety of reasons – and one of my favorite reasons is that, when you watch and listen carefully, you can learn new things.

Over the past few weeks, “Empire Avenue” has started to pop up on tweets from people that I follow and respect.  So I decided to take a look and learn more about it.

First impressions are important so when I arrived at the Empire Avenue website, I have to admit I was confused and underwhelmed.

What is it? Why should I care? These are some basic questions that I think a new product/service needs to quickly address when folks land on their site.  And I don’t get those answers when I look at this site.

But a few people such as @DarinRMcClure tried to convince me to give EA a go.  (Disclosure: Darin purchased 50 shares in PATMCGRAW so he has a strong interest in the success of this post and my social media cache.)

So I read some posts from Shel Israel, Niall Harbison, Jeremiah Owyang, Drew McLellan and John Jantsch – and here’s where I am netting out.

I am struggling with EA for a variety of reasons starting with my complete and total lack of interest in anything Wall Street.  (When I say ‘fun’ and ‘game’, Wall Street does NOT come to mind.)

And the bottom line is that I want is a measure of effectiveness within social media – some call it influence but that might not be the right term.  I want to know if my efforts are seen as consistently relevant and valuable to a sizable portion of my target audience.

Right now, there are some tools that provide me with that insight quickly – though I am not completely sold on accuracy.

Peer Index and Klout have their strengths and weaknesses but one of their greatest strengths as far as I’m concerned is that they let me focus on listening to and talking with people rather than playing a game based on Wall Street.

So, for me, I will continue to listen to those around me and learn more about EA but at this point in time I have too much on my plate for an online game.

I want to get a better understanding of my impact on others in the social media world but still believe that there are a few other ways that provide me with the info I need in a more timely and effective manner.  (That would be interactions with you, dear reader, as well as a few reports on visits, subscriptions, comments, retweets, Likes…)

What do you think about Empire Avenue?  What do you use to measure your effectiveness in social media?


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