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Facebook and B2B Marketing: Does it Work?

Chris Koch (@Ckochster) wrote a great post, 4 Reasons Why Facebook Stinks for B2B Marketing last week and he raised one key point that really resonated with me.

Engagement.  Or better yet, the lack of engagement and how it’s temporary, even campaign focused.

And that got me thinking about social media in general which motivated me to leave a comment.  Here’s part of what I had to say…but go check out his entire post.

Maybe I’m making a case for a integrated multi-channel marketing so that when marketing schedules that white paper or webinar, and announces it via a post on the corporate blog that creates an auto-feed to Twitter, LinkedIn and the company’s Facebook page, the sales team incorporates that into their messaging when they call and meet with prospects and clients.

And maybe we start doing a better job of gathering and analyzing what the customer does, doesn’t do and says about all of that work we do so we can use that insight to deliver greater value as we move forward?

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