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FedEx Delivery Problems – The Apology

So here is the official apology-what’s your reaction?  (Check out the comments posted on YouTube with the video…and if you happened to somehow miss the original story, check out my earlier post that includes the video.)


Was YouTube the right channel?  Should it be the only channel to deliver the message?  (Check out and let me know if you see any reference there…and do you think there should be some reference to this incident on the website?)

Is the apology enough for you and is it time to move on?  Or would you like to see further proof that steps are being taken that should prevent this type of behavior in the future?  (For example, would you like examples of the training programs mentioned in the apology?)

And would you like to hear the employee’s side of the story?  (I would!)

As for me, the apology is a good first step.  I was happy to hear that the FedEx met with the customer and worked things out to his/her satisfaction.  I also completely understand that FedEx has certain processes and procedures to follow regarding the employee – and it’s good to know that the employee is not working with customers.  Finally, I like the idea that they are using this as a learning moment and incorporating it into employee training.

I think the next step is some visibility into the good work done by FedEx employees.  Show me the volume of work that gets handled daily during the holidays – and how the people make it happen.  Basically, get the story out about how 99.9% of the FedEx employees go out of their way to exceed customer expectations.

For example, this comment was included here:

I have been using FedEx for years sending packages all over the country–have never had a problem. The last delivery was to Concord, NC and when the FedEx employee couldn’t get an answer to the doorbell he called me on the phone and asked what other address might he be able to deliver to. I gave him another address and he brought the package there. I thanked him for going out of his way. His answer to me–“That’s my job ma’am”. There is often a bad apple in the bunch but let’s not blame everyone at FedEx!


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