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The foundation of great marketing

Who is your audience?  What do they want/need?  How can you offer them a unique, valuable solution? What is the most effective channel to deliver this message to this audience?

Focus on those four questions…and make sure that you are providing answers that come from them versus your gut.  (Remember what happens when one assumes!)

This simple approach – one that’s all too often overlooked – means you are avoiding the all too typical “Hey, we need to push Product A because it’s trending below goal so we need to generate more sales…”

Why is it important to avoid this scenario?  Well, great promotion typically does not overcome a bad product at a bad price that is offered only through bad channels.  (What I am getting at is … maybe your problem isn’t promotion.)

Sure, great promotion can motivate tremendous sales for a bad product…but then you get all those wonderful returns and bad word-of-mouth that really  hamstrings your ability to sell more in the future.

But the key to long-term success is to focus on the audience.  Who are they?  What do they need/want?  How does your offering deliver a unique, valuable solution?  And what’s the most effective way to deliver that message and offer?

Tell me what you think of this tip…do you think it can help?


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