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How to transform your B2B marketing capabilities – DIY or Outsource?

In the world of businesses that sell to other businesses, B2B marketing should have one primary focus:
To generate leads that convert to revenue

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mcgrawmarketing‘s insight:

The meat of this post is about half-way down the page under the header “Building the 5 stages of a modern marketing function”.  Now, the header is, IMHO, misleading because the 5 stages have been around since I started in business and it wasn’t new then…so I would suggest these are the 5 stages of best in class marketing.

Sorry, got caught up in the symantics.  Back to the important stuff…focus around the customer (not around the product you’re trying to sell) is key.  You’re solving problems, serving unmet needs…so you need to know your audience and then let them get to know you, build trust in you and understand that you are their best choice.

And the ‘right volume of qualified leads’ is what the goal is…not ‘a large volume on inquiries that include qualified leads if your sales team can find them in the pile of data we just dumped into the CRM.’

The goal is sales, not leads.  Attract quaified buyers, not unqualified prospects that will NEVER buy what you offer (but thought the white paper would be cool).

Love to hear your reaction to this article…and my commentary.  🙂

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