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How’s Your (Strategic) Vision?

About two month’s ago, while I was trying to read the morning newspaper, my wife asked me if I needed longer arms.

Then, about a week later, my daughter gave me a shot about the size of the content on my laptop screen.  (I blame her mother for that ‘sense of humor’!)

So, last week, for the first time in four years, I found myself sitting in a chair with my left eye covered and my right eye straining to read some letters that my doctor assured me were being projected on the far wall.

And it dawned on me – the Supreme Court might just be right!  By failing to have my vision checked when things were going well, and waiting for things to get unacceptable, I was acting just like most corporations.

What is your vision for your business?  Is it clear?  Focused?  Are you taking into account any of those things that are coming at you at high speeds?  Or sitting there in your path, waiting for you to stumble over them?

Things change and the reality is that over time those minor adjustments you make – like holding the paper at arms length or increasing the size of images shown on your computer screen – won’t be enough and you’re going to need to make more significant changes in order to keep your vision

We’re closing in on the start of a new year – a great time to take a look back and reflect on where you were, what you have accomplished and what you need to do in the coming year in order to move ever closer to your vision.  (And if you come to the conclusion that you could benefit from the services of a coach or action plan workshop, I would be happy to help.)



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