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Quicken Sucks: The Saga Continues (Part IV)

Over the weekend, I followed the prompt in my version of Quicken Deluxe 2008 and attempted to upgrade to the 2009 version.? Several hours (and online chats and phone calls) later, I was told to call back on Monday and deal with the charge on my account (Oh boy, a call to my bank!!!) and to Quicken regarding my attempted purchase.

I decided not to call Quicken but did tell the bank to cancel the payment.? Then I got hit with 2 identical emails and online surveys from Quicken regarding my experience with customer service.? Needless to say, they did not receive good scores…

Today, I received the following email…

Mr. Mcgraw:

We apologize for the frustration and incovenience (NOTE FROM PAT: That’s their spelling, not mine!) you have experienced with trying to resolve your order issue with our Technical Support Team.? Providing consistently outstanding customer service and high-quality products is our goal at Intuit, yet due to the difficulties you have experienced, we have let you down.? You may be assured that this is not an example of the quality of service we wish to provide.? We are currently working with our Technical Support agents to improve the quality of e-mail and chat support.? This includes increasing the monitoring of this type of support as well as providing more detailed training to provide excellent support to our customers.

I am currently researching your order.? We were informed that our credit card processor did experience some server issues which is why we were not able to locate your order. ?I will keep you posted as soon as I receive further information on your charge for $39.99.

I am including a Quicken Premiere download link.? This link is only available for 24 hours and is a one time download link. ?Please make sure to save the file to your hard drive or folder on your computer in case you have to reinstall? Quicken in the future. ??Please click on the link then type in the request ID code and you will then be prompted to save the file.


Although we are unable to alter the situation that has already transpired, we would like to make every attempt to provide excellent service in the future.? ?If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

Thank you for patience,

Now the fun part is that according to Quicken’s site ( the cost to upgrade to Premiere 2009 is $89.99 versus $59.99 for Deluxe so, in essence, Quicken Customer Service has just attempted to apologize to me by offering me a more expensive product to upgrade to next year…and every year thereafter.

Gosh, I feel as though their apology was a little less than genuine!

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