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RE: The Role of Online Marketing in B2B Lead Generation

One of many reasons you need to read The Role of Online Marketing in? BtoB Lead Generation…specifically the part about LTV.

Question: How should businesses approach their lead generation efforts?

Answer: Ted, that?s the $64,000 question! Businesses should approach their lead generation efforts the old-fashion way. Start with a strategy and a list of who you want your customers to be in the next three to five years and then use every available means of communication to market to those chosen few until they appear on your customer list.

What people need to remember is lead generation is the first step to gaining trust and building a relationship with a potential customer.

However, in today’s business world it’s all about the quick sale without regard to the lifetime value of that customer.

Speaking of customer lifetime value, that should be part of the strategy and target audience identification stage which comes first. The more lifetime value a customer has the more marketing $ should be spent on them. In business, the cliche that no two customers are created equal should be the mantra.

And I love the comment about marketers being tacticians rather than strategists…I like to think my focus on strategy is the reason why I am so unique and special. 😉

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