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Are you really leveraging your data?

Are you really leveraging your data?

Well, based on Forrester’s “Make B2B Marketing Thrive in the Age of the Customer“, the answer sure seems to be ‘No!’

Marketing messages focus on products and features, not customer concerns. Look at the Oracle and SAP websites, and you see a parade of features and functions. Like many B2B firms, the messages and offerings rarely talk about business issues and needs. Content and language that describe how they really approach solving customer problems get buried in lengthy, poorly written case studies or squirreled away in sales presentations that relatively few get to see.

In the past year, the bulk of my work has been with firms searching for more effective ways to attract more qualified buyers and establish the relationship necessary to move them through the sales pipeline in a shorter period of time, producing higher conversion rates and lower cost per sale.

How you can shorten the sales cycle and increase conversion rates.

The first step is identifying your best customers.  And that can be accomplished with a simple RFM analysis.  Then add some additional data, if necessary, in order to get a better understanding of the business – industry, annual revenue, number of employees and geographic location are the most common.

The second step is to interview the buyers so you can develop a buyer persona.  From this information, you can improve your messaging, offers and media selection in order to develop a more effective contact strategy that includes delivering the right content via the right channel(s) at the right time in the buying process in order to move the buyer along rather than send something that causes confusion and delay.

Then it’s test, measure, analyze, modify and repeat.  That’s because you need to confirm your earlier analysis – it’s not like you’re going to knock it out of the park on the first try.

Interested in learning how to implement these steps at your business?  Give me a call at 410-977-7355 or submit this form and I will get back to you ASAP to discuss specifics.


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