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Refocus Marketing on your Audience

Who are you trying to reach?  What do they need to know?  Where is the best place to reach them?  Are you giving them what they want and/or need at this specific moment in time?  What unique and valuable solution are you offering them?  What do you want them to do – and how will you measure that in order to determine if you have been successful?

But we seem to be moving away from these questions and focusing more on technology and channels.

More and more are asking “How can we better use digital marketing?”  Or “How can we push out more content?”  Or “What do we will a pop up on the home page generate more downloads?”

Less and less seem to be asking “What should we be saying to this segment of our audience when they are at the consideration stage of their buying process?”

Maybe, just maybe, we need to step back and remember why marketing exists?  And that’s to understand the audience so well that your products and services sell themselves.

Or is it me?  What do you think?


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