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A marketing coach provides business owners, sales and marketing executives with fast, easy and affordable access to an experienced sales and marketing executive in order to identify opportunities to improve sales and marketing performance.

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Here are a few examples of how others have used this service:

  • Providing guidance on initiative start-up and project management approach
  • Sharing insights based on similar client experiences
  • Advising on how to leverage resources and increase performance
  • Recommending tactics for attracting qualified buyers, converting them into first-time and repeat buyers
  • Vetting sales and marketing plans
  • Critiquing marketing and sales messaging and offers
  • Offering guidance on database management, CRM processes and strategies
  • Suggesting best practices for improving sales and marketing performance
  • Clarifying a business idea and identifying a viable market
  • Planning and prioritizing start up plans so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start building your business
  • Defining marketing strategy and specific marketing tactics to grow the market for your product or service
  • Defining specific ways you can test and try your business idea in the real market with real people so you move from hypothesis to real data.
Let’s Get Started!A one hour coaching session provides you with insightful, unbiased, honest and practical recommendations  that can help you sell more, spend less.

Why you need a coach…

  • Fast and affordable.  In 60-minutes you can get the input you need in order to sell more and/or spend less.
  • Practical advice you can use NOW!  You can’t use ideas that you can’t implement – so my focus is to provide you with practical, actionable recommendations.
  • Honest feedback.  There’s no reason for me to blow smoke up your….well, you know what I mean.  So here’s the deal.  What I offer you is an honest, unbiased evaluation of your situation complete with practical recommendations based on your goals, strengths and available resources.
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