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Sprinkle Some ‘Nuts’ on your Social Media Breakfast

Pam Moore, a self-proclaimed ‘marketing nut‘, offers up a steady stream of valuable insight into marketing and how to effectively incorporate social media into your marketing mix.

Last week, Pam wrote 10 Reasons to Eat ROI for Breakfast in Social Media – and it’s going to make many of you stop and think about your own social media strategy.

Question: How can you expect to have results with anything in business without goals, objectives, a plan and measurements?

Pam asks this question at the start of her post – and it’s perfect for those of you that  start off (and end) your social media strategy meetings with conversations about what other sites you should use besides YouTube for video, and Delicious for social bookmarking with a dash of discussion about the background design for your Twitter page – read that question again and really think about it.

As I mentioned in my comments to her post, social media is a communication channel.  The key to your success is going to come from your ability to use social media to deliver the right message  to the right audience at the right time.

Social Media in Lead Generation: Lower Your Cost, Not Your Quality

For example, social media can play an important role your lead generation strategy.  The audience has never purchased from you and are early in the buying process – they want to learn about solutions so your role is provide them with valuable education.  Webinars, white papers and even a series of blog posts (promoted nicely via Tweets and placement in the right LinkedIn groups and Quora questions) can help you attract interest and capture names, contact information and general information at a very attractive cost.

Using Social Media to Close Sales, Increase Order Size

Buyers are becoming more self-sufficient – which is why detailed product demonstrations made available to qualified leads can help close sales and even increase order size.  For example, your sales team can provide access to a well crafted product demo delivered by online video to qualified buyers that have met specific criteria.  And that video can show how the product works and how certain add-ons enhance the experience.

No pressure.  Just an informative video that shares the right info with the right person at the right time.  And that approach can generate significant increases to your conversion rates and order size which means a wonderful ROI for your social media.

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