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Tweet this Arby’s

In a land where ‘tweets’, ‘retweets’ and ‘followers’ are apparently more valuable than profitable sales…I wonder how this Arby’s — Pharrell exchange is going to impact 1 year anniversary of The Tweet That Changed The World.

Ahhh, no matter.  In our world, ‘Likes’ and ‘Tweets’ are secondary to ‘sales’ and ‘profits’.

If the tweet included an offer — maybe focused on generating a sale rather than a smile — things would be different.

Now, I realize that the social media manager probably doesn’t have the authority to pop off with a ‘..50% second roast beef sandwich tomorrow..’ kind of offer but beyond the ‘likes’ and the ‘retweets’ and ‘earned media’, it just seems that the only other potential outcome is going to be for Arby’s to pay Pharrell a lot of money to appear in some promotional activities in the coming months.

No offense to Arby’s…but I am not changing my habits and running into one of their locations for lunch or dinner.  Because they didn’t extend an offer.  I have no reason to change my behavior based on these events.

Are you changing your behavior?

Why not extending an offer now…while the buzz is around and the opportunity to leverage the event still exists?

Why not a simple “Glad you enjoyed our Grammy Night  Tweet – now go treat yourself to a <insert offer here>”?

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