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Yankelovich: Going Green not Consumers GO Button

Note from Pat: Might some of this apathy come down to [a] we have done a lousy job of making a strong, concise and PERSONAL argument regarding what going green is for the individual and how going green will benefit THEM, [b] most people are too damn lazy and self-centered to care about anything beyond their own personal self-interests (see A for the perfect circlular argument)?!

According to a recent Yankelovich survey, Going Green, of 2,763 consumers and their?environmental attitudes, only 34%?of consumers feel much more concerned about environmental issues today than a year?ago. And less than one-quarter of consumers feel they can make a difference?when it comes to the environment.

J. Walker?Smith, president of Yankelovich, concludes that “While (consumers) are highly aware of environmental issues?due to the glut of media attention? ‘going green’ in their everyday?life is simply not a big concern or a high priority.”

Source:Research Brief and Bliss PR


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