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I just finished reading an interesting article written by Michael B. Horn entitled “The Forgotten Student” and it got me thinking about the opportunities available to colleges with two segments – “Some college, no degree, and former student” as well as “college graduate, a former student, alumni”.

Horn focuses on the first segment – those that were enrolled in your programs but left prior to completing the program and earning the credential.

Focusing on the forgotten students just hasn’t made as much sense from a cost perspective to universities.

That really jumped out at me because, to be perfectly honest, that hasn’t been our experience.  As a matter of fact, motivating a former student to return and complete your program should be significantly less expensive than recruiting someone that has never attended your institution.

Think of it. You already know who they are.  You already have a relationship with them.  You know what they want. And you have the transcripts and records on file.

The big issue is most likely this – why did they leave in the first place.

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