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Working with non-profit and for-profit, public and private colleges and universities – we provide you with the research and consulting services that drive better informed decisions so that you can be more effective, more successful at achieving your goals and objectives.

Research & Consulting Services include:

As we explained on our Service page, we offer a full range of research, analysis, project management services that will help your institution improve recruitment and retention. Here are some of the more popular offerings:

  • Market Research: Surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups – we design the right processes for gathering and analyzing relevant information in order to provide you with practical recommendations for achieving your goals.  Audiences typically include potential students, current students, former students, alumni, faculty, staff, employers/community leaders and others.
  • Mystery Shopper:  From the perspective of a potential student, we evaluate the lead nurturing process starting with the submission of a Request Information form through subsequent communications over a fixed period of time (typically varies from 2 to 8 weeks) in order to identify strengths, weaknesses.  This research typically includes your institution as well as the competition and focuses on specific programs identified during the planning process.
  • Audience Segmentation, Development of Personas, Message and Offer Development: You should be targeting those most likely to succeed at your institution – and we walk you through a simple, effective process that helps you target the right segments and test the right messages and offers so you can improve recruitment, enrollment and graduation performance.
  • Competitive Analysis: Success comes from knowing your competition and offering unique value – we offer you a variety of options for understanding how best to leverage your unique strengths and resources in order to differentiate your institution and offerings from the competition in the hearts and minds of your audiences.   The Competitive Analysis can also include Tuition & Pricing Analysis, Market Share Research and Positioning Analysis.
  • Tuition & Pricing Analysis: Determine the optimal cost of your offering for your audience in your market in order to improve recruitment and retention performance.
  • Market Share Research: Learn why you are losing students to competing institutions.
  • Positioning Analysis: Determine how to best position your institution in the market for greater success
  • Recruitment Process Analysis: Provide potential students with a unique, valuable, consistent experience from inquiry through enrollment.  This service addresses targeting, messaging, channel selection, contact strategies, key performance metrics, testing protocols so you can lower the cost to enroll a new student.
  • Retention Process Analysis: Providing current students with a unique, valuable and consistent experience that increases retention and graduation rates.  This service addresses the reasons students leave your institution and how to reduce, if not eliminate, the causes you control.
  • Academic Program Demand Forecasting: Assess your audience’s demand for your current programs or uncover the ideal opportunities to expand your programs of study.

Our fixed fee model provides you with customized, actionable research, when you need it at a fixed annual fee.  Contact us for details.

fixed fee Here’s how it works.

The goal is to provide you with the research and consulting services you need to improve performance.  So once the annual agreement has been finalized, we initiate your service in these 3 simple steps:



Our goal is to become an extension of your team – so you are assigned a personal Research Director who manages your research initiatives and ensures your satisfaction.

At the start, your Research Director works with you to gain a deep understanding of your opportunities and to craft research that provides the blueprint for execution.


Projects commence at the start of the agreement term and are completed sequentially across the year. Some clients want to be involved in the construction of research methodologies; some want nothing to do with it. Some want us to provide many updates; some only want to see the final deliverable. We accommodate any partner preference, and that flexibility characterizes the entire relationship – our focus can change as quickly as your needs do.


Everything we do for you comes with practical recommendations and guidance on what to do, how to do it and how to evaluate the impact.  Additionally, every three months, we elevate the conversation and evaluate performance to-date and what adjustments are warranted in the research agenda moving forward so you enjoy greater value.

Let’s Talk! Interested in discussing how we can help your institution enjoy greater success in terms of attracting and retaining successful students, launching new programs and services, entering new markets or even serving new audiences – call us at 410.977.7355 or complete and submit this form.

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