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Innovation at SAP

Note from Pat: This is a great article that cut through the hype over ‘building relationships and partnerships with key audiences’ and shows one of the few corporations that walk the walk – SAP.? As a business leader with expertise in marketing, this is the type of strategic approach that DIFFERENTIATES an organization from the competition and develops a DEFENSIBLE AND UNIQUE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.? (Something that outperforms another ‘really cool ad campaign’ !)

There are many reasons for SAP’s success, but two in particular stand out. First, SAP generated its ecosystem, which consists of customers, business partners, experts and independent parties by addressing the needs of the participants. Too often, companies launch ecosystem initiatives with a clear view of the benefits for themselves, but with a much less developed understanding of the needs and motivations of prospective participants. Second, SAP went further?it focused on the needs of individuals, not just companies. Even though most of its customers and partners are enterprises, SAP recognized that participation ultimately is by individuals. It designed its various collaboration platforms with the goal of making individuals more successful in their daily roles by helping them connect more effectively with the specialized resources most relevant to them.

Source: Business Week

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