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Is Social Networking Dead?

Note from Pat: Shocking news (not) that social networking might be flattening out! Don’t panic!? As the article points out, the good news is that people are spending a good amount of time on the sites so you have a good chance to communicate with the individual so that you can ask and answer questions, build trust and develop a mutually beneficial relationships!!

MySpace and Facebook remain the top two traffic getters for social networks. Although month to month (May to June), social network website visits increased by just over 5%, the report shows that year over year, visits to social networking sites have decreased by 19%.

Does this mean that social marketing is dead or dying in the water?

Not necessarily.

Although marketers should take note of the trend, it is most likely due to a saturation point rather than consumers leaving the social space behind. Research shows that consumers continue to log on to the social nets, spending an average of 20 minutes on-site once they log on. The visits decline could be because users are spending more time per visit on their social network of choice rather than visiting the site several times each day.

For marketers, this is a good sign. When consumers spend more time on-site, they are more likely to see a display or video ad and actually engage with the ad.


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