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Data is going to be a critical element in the retail industry moving forward.  Who are your customers?  What do they need?  How can you deliver more personalized, relevant messages and offers that increase lifetime value?

For more than twenty-years, small, privately-held local retailers as well as global industry leaders have turned to us for help in identifying opportunities for improving performance in key areas like customer acquisition, retention, referrals, new market expansion and more.  And we continue to help our retail clients navigate the fast-paced, every changing world of omni-channel retailing by focusing on their audience needs, wants, perceptions and expectations.

Here are some of the key questions we help our clients answer:

  • Who are our most profitable revenue generating customers and how can we attract more new customers just like them?
  • How can we increase customer loyalty and lifetime value?
  • What products and services are most valuable to our customers – and what new products and services do our customers want from us?
  • What new markets and audiences offer us the best opportunity for increasing profitable growth?
  • What is the omni-channel experience our customers will most value so acquisition, retention, lifetime value are all positively impacted?


Let’s Talk! Interested in discussing how we can help your organization enjoy greater success in terms of attracting and retaining more profitable customers, launching new programs and services, entering new markets or even serving new audiences – call us at 410.977.7355 or complete and submit this form.

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