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Seth Does It Again: Join The Tribe

Note from Pat: I wish I was as prolific a writer as Seth Godin. I wish I could come up with such simple concepts that have such universal appeal and can simply, accurately convey an important point. Maybe some day! But as for today, I am joining The Tribe and I can’t wait to see what arrives in my mail in October!!

I’d like to invite you to join a members-only tribe. A tribe for marketers, for leaders, for those focused on building communities or creating products or spreading ideas.

This online community will live on a site we’ve created that will feature blogs, forums, social networking, comments, photos, videos and a job board. And it’s by invitation only until October. Spots are limited and early members get privileges and bragging rights.

Members get a password and the privilege of meeting each other, posting thoughts, connecting to big ideas or projects and more. The site will include excerpts from the book as well as a chance to contribute to a new jointly-authored ebook, with full credit and links to the contributors. The contents of the tribe forum won’t be posted to the public until October, so it’s really the only way to participate until then.

I’m launching my new book in mid-October, and as usual, doing something different to take my own advice.

One of the ideas I talk about briefly in the book is that powerful tribes aren’t open to everyone. The exclusivity makes it work. In this case, the exclusivity comes from two things:

Another Note from Pat: I decided to tease you and leave you hanging regarding the two things that Seth is referring to in that last statement…click on the link below and join The Tribe.

Source: Seth’s Blog

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