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Our technology clients provide consumers and businesses with multimedia, networking, computers, tablets, mobile devices, semiconductors, software and telecommunications products and services. And they rely on us for our ability to produce and direct integrated marketing campaigns built on experience and a deep understanding of their audience, competition and market.

Our clients have been small, privately-held regional businesses as well as large, publicly-traded global corporations — but they all had the same desire to dig deeper and gain a better understanding of how they could consistently deliver unique, valuable solutions to their target audience.  They wanted to know how to leverage their strengths while targeting their competitor’s weaknesses.  They wanted to know what developing trends could mean on their business over the near and long-term.  They wanted to better utilize data in their daily operations and planning processes.  And they wanted to implement integrated marketing communications programs that delivered stronger results.

Here are some of the more popular questions we help our technology clients answer:

  • Who are our best customers and what is their buying process?
  • What products and services will we need to add, if any, in order to achieve our longer term goals?
  • What are the most effective ways to bring our products and services to our customers?
  • What pricing strategy could help us improve new customer acquisition, customer loyalty and lifetime value?
  • What communication channels will allow us to reach our audience at the right time with the right message so we can shorten buying cycles, increase conversion rates and order sizes?
Let’s Talk! Interested in discussing how we can help your organization enjoy greater success in terms of attracting and retaining profitable new clients, launching new programs and services, entering new markets or even serving new audiences – call us at 410.977.7355 or complete and submit this form.

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