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Where are your leads going?

Crazy as this might sound – do you know where your leads are going?  Really?

The reason I ask is that with all the advances of technology, I’ve seen a few cases of

    • Reports show how many webforms were submitted from your landing pages
    • CRM reports show the same number of leads being fed into the CRM System
    • A sales team complaining about never receiving new leads

How can that be happening?

Flawed business rules that don’t actually assign the leads to a sales person so the leads sit in a general queue with no owners – or, even worse, they are assigned but to ‘House’ or some other generic term.

Why is that second option worse?  Because eventually someone will run a report for “Unassigned leads” and you will miss the leads.

Here’s my point –  fill out and submit one of your own webforms.  Then track your data through the system and see where you end up.

Do it a couple times a month, to start.   Then, when you feel comfortable that things are working, kick it back to once a month or once a quarter.

But never stop checking.  You pay too much for leads to have them lost in all that technology and automation you are paying for as well!

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