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Why Focusing on Technology is Wrong

I run into this a lot now…”marketers” arguing over how technology can work and ignoring what the real goal is (and it’s not ‘making the technology work’, it’s providing the audience fast, easy access to accurate, relevant information that helps them make an informed decision about your products and services.)

A great example about someone focused way too much on QR codes.  The end of the article lists 10 “success” stories…but that overlooks a comment raised earlier in the article which states that there is no data on repeat usage of QR codes which could mean that most of us try a QR code once, get frustrated and never use them again.

Why aren’t there stats about repeat usage? It’s one thing to say “People used the QR code!”, but how do we know they didn’t throw their phone in frustration or immediately give up after scanning once?

And let’s be honest…what’s to love about a technology that forces you to [a] download an app that reads QR codes to our smartphones, [b] then pull out the smartphone, [c] open the app, and [d] scan the code EVERY TIME SOMEONE USES IT!

That is NOT how most people define “fast, easy access…”

And add to the experience the fact that, most times, the QR code leads you to disappointment – it’s NOT PROVIDING US WITH ACCESS TO ACCURATE, RELEVANT INFORMATION.

Anyway, here’s my point…we need to focus on how to better provide our audience with fast, simple access to accurate, relevant information that they need/want at that moment in time….and we do not need to get lost in trying to make tech work.  If we struggle with the tech, the audience will struggle with it…and struggle is not what we’re aiming for here.

Take a step back, take a deep breath and slowly exhale.  Focus on what the audience needs and how best to deliver it to them….

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