• “Without reservation, I strongly recommend Pat to any organization that is searching for an executive who can improve their marketing and achieve profitable growth over the short and long-term.”    
    Dr. Gerald Heeger former President, University of Maryland University College
  • “We hired Pat at UMUC to bring a fresh look at how we branded ourselves and, subsequently, marketed that brand to the world. Pat brought energy, creativity, integrity and … most important … results.”
    Dr. Robert Myers Consultant, Frank A. Casagrande Consulting LLC.
  • “I had the pleasure of working with Pat on a 6-month marketing project. Multiple vendors and internal departments were at the table and the stakes were extremely high. Pat’s strategic vision and leadership were remarkable but it was his ability to focus on the root of the issue and move the project forward that were instrumental in the project’s launch and success.”
    Ian Alexander, partner EAT AGENCY
  • "Pat ran a strong and effective marketing organization that produced some of the highest growth in the institution’s history. He has a detailed understanding of marketing, recruiting, and operations in the education space enabling him to understand and operate within the big picture. He is a strong team player and an excellent colleague.”
    Bob Gay Senior Vice President Management Operations, Maguire Associates, Inc.
  • "Pat's deep expertise in marketing for higher education was a huge asset to the group. He made savvy, experienced-based recommendations that were our highly valued by the client. Pat dug into a large data set and pulled out key, actionable insights that no one else saw."
    Steve Gaitten Director, Media Services at Hobsons
  • "I had the pleasure of working with Pat when he consulted for Blackboard's Online Program Management division. He is a wealth of knowledge, collaborative, and a true team player. With a background steeped in higher ed direct response marketing, he keeps a close pulse on industry trends and competitive insights. Pat is as proactive as he is strategic and would be a valuable addition to any organization he chose to partner with."
    Jacqueline Hammond, Blackboard

Welcome to mcgraw | marketing

We are a research-based  data-driven direct marketing consulting firm that serves growth-oriented organizations, primarily in the education, technology and retail sectors.  Market research, competitive intelligence, market needs assessment, business intelligence and analytics, strategic planning and integrated marketing communications – these are our tools.  And these tools, along with our decades of experience, consistently produce profitable growth for our clients by helping our clients develop more effective ways to attract and retain profitable customers.

Where others focus on “Likes”, “Retweets” and “Open Rates” – our focus is on generating profitable sales for your business.  Our metrics are number of sales, average order size, order frequency, lifetime value, retention rates and referrals.

Our clients are growth-oriented and they understand the importance of clearly differentiating themselves in the marketplace by offering unique, valuable solutions for their audience.  And they also realize that in order to be unique and valuable, they need to understand their audience, their competition, their market and themselves.  They understand the value and importance of data, research, insight — so they come to us for our ability to gather and analyze data and create highly effective strategic go-to-market action plans that turn opportunities into profitable realities.

Because your success is our success.

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